Rumour: Pawan’s Aides Investing In Media!

From a long time, Pawan Kalyan and his time are setting up their own media house like how other political parties in Andhra Pradesh are having one each. And then, some news channels have voluntarily supported him but after the barrage of tweets he has poured on media, some have withdrawn.

Later some recruitments also happened in Jubilee Hills for JTV, which will be unanimously supporting Janasena party. However this process got slowed down though many thought that it will speed up after Janasena move to their new office in Madhapur. And the latest reports we are hearing is that the investors behind this new channel are pouring their investment into another channel.

With Pawan getting close to Left parties, crowd-funded TV channel 10TV is sounding positive for the Janasena president. To consolidate that stand of the channel, now it’s heard that close aides of Pawan are getting ready to invest nearly 70+ crores in this channel.

Whether they are really investing or not, it looks like grabbing support of a TV channel is must for a politician to promote his presence.