Rumour: Telugu Hero’s Bangkok Stay With Hottie

Always there is buzz somewhere or the other that few ‘playboy’ heroes always love to spend some private time with their heroines. None is coming forward to talk about this like a #metoo thing because here both the parties are said to be getting benefited with such acts.

A well-known hero has gone to Bangkok recently to take part in the shooting of a film. And this heroine got huge craze with her debut film itself though she failed to live up to it later. As part of arrangements, producer of the film has booked rooms for all the cast and crew at the same 3-star hotel. But in no time, the hero and heroine moved to a 7-star hotel in Bangkok city.

Though the shooting completed on time, these two have stayed back in the hotel for a week more and the heroine shopped for almost 10 lakhs rupees and took extra 30 lakhs from the hero. Surprisingly the hero pushed this additional burden of 40 lakh which was spent for his pleasure to the producer’s account. Shocked by this happening, the producer started crying in front of his friends, but there is nothing much he could do.

If heroes are deriving their pleasure from heroines that too out of producer’s money, when will film budgets come down? If this is the situation of a medium budgeted hero, imagine what is happening with others, says a production manager.