Rumour: TV Serial Actress Tackling Sr Star Hero

Gossips and this hero are always a hand in glove thing. Despite the fact that he has joined the veterans club already, he loves to go kinky all the time with his female co-stars.

A quick round to his office space proved that this particular lady who comes from the television background got smitten over him. She’s not only spending time with him but also accompanying him to some official meetings also. Though she won’t take part in the meeting, she will be seen spending time in the lobby until her veteran lover comes out.

Some say that the TV serial actress is tackling the star hero well, hoping that he will push her name to few other production houses that are quite close to him. Once her career takes off, surely she might dump him again, like how another beautiful lady did a couple of years back.

Guess what, already our senior star spoke to some big heroes who are struggling to find a heroine and soon she will be teaming up with another veteran here.