RX 100 Hero Imitating This Hero!

Karthikeya who shot to fame with ‘RX 100’ is now following in the footsteps of Vijay Deverakonda. The “Arjun Reddy” actor built his career with lot of planning, dedication and hard work.He devised a method to connect to the youth through social media by calling his fans “rowdies” and regularly getting in touch with them through social media.

His choice of movies have also helped him.

One-film-old Karthikeya is now doing the same through Twitter by regularly updating something or the other. He has sold off his RX100 bike through bidding to help Kerala victims. He also praised Nagarjuna’s amazing body in ‘Devadas’. He is putting up videos too.

However, Karthikeya needs to come up with some unique idea or feature for the youth to get connected to him through Twitter. He also has to prove his mettle by delivering another solid hit.