RX 100 Team Knew What It Was Doing

Every film has a target audience whether it is the youth, or families or independent –cinema liking crowd etc. Therefore, the promotions also should be targeted to the intended audience and not the wrong category.Getting this promotion wrong can affect the film adversely at the box-office.

Recently released RX 100 is one film which seems to have got its strategy right. The trailers of the film along with its title were geared only towards the youth.Made on an economical budget of Rs 2 crore only, no one knew the hero, heroine or director of the film.

But the promos conveyed the message to the youth that it was a film for them and they thronged the theaters in huge numbers on the very first day of release without even waiting for word-of-mouth.In AP and Telangana, day one has yielded a share of nearly Rs 1.5 crore for RX 100 and the film is well on its way to becoming a blockbuster.