RX100 Team Busts Rumours On Heroine

With a poster of the film RX100 coming out, actually social media is abuzz that the film’s team is intentionally ignoring the heroine Payal Rajput. As the super success of the film is majorly attributed to her glamorous treat and kisses, many wondered how come they ignored her on the poster.

Within days of these rumours coming up, actually, Payal was in Vizag other day to take part in the success meet of the film. And she’s completely charged to talk about the success and share her happiness. That made pretty clear that the team is not ignoring the heroine.

An interesting snippet is that actually the whole team of RX100 other than Payal are actually sulking that they are not getting due with Payal walking out with all the credit. For that reason they have put a poster, giving credit to everyone and might have missed out putting Payal due to space concerns.

On the other hand, RX100 is continuing its dream run at the box office with no other film able to challenge it even on last Friday. Some times, luck matters!!