Sadists of Silver screen

It seems tollywood film industry is getting filled with sadists. Young heroes are showcasing their sadistic nature in the name of creativity on silver screen to torture movie lovers and scare away even those who are coming to watch films in theaters. Recently Rocking Star Manchu Manoj in his ‘Ukodatara Ulikipadatara’ to drive away tenants of Gandharva Mahal who were taking Prabhu for a ride, gave a build up that he was a merciless killer. In the intro song he was shown as a person who would play with skulls of people he murdered to satisfy his lover. At the end he was shown to comb the hair of heroine after chopping off her head as she refused the hero to combo her hair!.

Now according to latest information Gopichand is also enacting the same scenes. This time the sufferer is tempting beauty Tapsee. Latest inputs reveal that Gopi will be playing dangerous Buzkashi,traditonal Afghan sport. The sport requires players to hit past the goat put in a gunny bag over the goal post to become winner. Now our Nizam King is replacing the goat with Tapsee. If narration of the scene itself is sending shivers down the spines, imagine the situation of Tapsee. Film makers think that they are turning more and more creative and innovative in film making. However they are not realising that Gopichand and Manoj are turning sadists on silver screen.