Saintly Channel Banking On Sex Appeal Now

When all other Telugu channels are going after some modern lingo, its ETV News that struck to pure Telugu form. And when other entertainment channels are involving more glamour, ETV always restricted itself. But things got changed now.

The once saintly channel is now giving tough competition to other entertainment channels with programs like Jabardasth and Dhee. This comedy program and dance show respectively have pushed into big TRP slots many times. It looks like the bar is going to push much higher now.

After the 10th season of “Dhee” program got over, now ETV has come up with Dhee Jodi where there is a dozen of young girls and boys participating as couples to win the dance trophy. While these contestants used to go conservative with their dresses, from covering their waists to not wearing short clothes, now the things got to a new level.

Every dance sequence in Dhee Jodi is being quite sexy and the sex appeal of the female contestants is coming to the care. One wonders if the saintly ETV modernised itself and upgraded their views to become the voice of youths.