Salman Khan’s Advice For RamCharan

It is known news that Ram Charan is currently juggling his time between three of his projects and one among them is very prestigious. Well, it happens to be his Bollywood debut and it is also the remake of the classic hit of Bollywood ‘Zanjeer’ which had the likes of Amitabh Bachchan and Pran.
Now, it is heard that some brakes have been applied for the remake since Arjun Rampal who was reprising the role of Pran has walked out. But here is the more challenging part. It is heard that the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who has been a guide to Charan in Bollywood has reportedly recommended Sanjay Dutt as replacement.
Well, Sanju Baba is Sallu’s close friend and with Salman’s recommendation, Sanjay is under serious consideration for the role. That is indeed a good news for the film but it may not be for Charan, say a few. Well, Sanjay is a heavyweight in Bollywood in both personality and in brand value so the challenge for Charan is, he has to prove his presence and at the same time look compatible physically with Sanjay onscreen. This should be interesting.