Samantha Akkineni Supports #MeToo

#MeToo movement is shaking up the movie industry and the media world in India. Celebrities like Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Kamba, and Vairamuthu have been facing sexual harassment allegations from various women.

Some media editors too have asked to go on leave after facing the similar allegations from women journalists.

#MeToo movement is currently pertaining to English media and it is yet to surface in Telugu media and Tollywood. Although Sri Reddy’s issue shook up Tollywood, there was no #MeToo movement.After singer Chinmayi and others have narrated how they had faced sexual harassment, actress Samantha has responded and lent her support to the women who went through horrible experiences.

Samantha also asked Chinmayi to be strong. She is one of her closest friends.“I am so happy that more and more women are finding the strength to say #MeToo. Your bravery is commendable.“I am sorry though that some people, even other women themselves will shame and burden you with the question of proof and doubt.

“Just know that you are saving many little girls with your voice. Thank You. I support the #MeTooIndia movement,” she posted in a tweet.