Samantha gives rebate to strengthen K-Market

Presently samanta has good offers into her kitty in Tollywood with release of ‘Eega’ and one more romantic love story of Gautham Menon coming soon along with ‘SVSC.’ On the lee side, she does not have big releases to credit in Kollywood although filmmakers are running behind her with scripts and pay cheques. Main reason why samanta has a weak image in K-town is because of her working with small budget films like ‘Baana Kathadi’ and ‘Moscow in Kaveri.’
With back to back super hits delivered in Telugu, currently samanta is on a plan to make her market strong in Tamil too. Keeping Kollywood film makers glued to her call sheets, samanta is known to have offered a good rebate. While this beautiful Jessie is heard of taking Rs.75 Lakh remuneration for each Telugu film has gone for 15 to 20% discount in Tamil salary. Let us see, how this Marketing Sutra will work in favor of samanta in Kollywood.