Sampat Assures Highest Profit to Pawan

An industry fact is that, more than actual production to be invested on a film…lion-share of producer’s money will be evaporated in the form of remunerations to heroes. When the case is with heroes like pawan kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Junior NTR and Ramcharn; story will be altogether different. Without throwing producers into such high risk situations, how will be the scenario if star heroes themselves turn as investors?

This is the new formula pawan kalyan is initiating in Tollywood. Our close sources to ‘Gabbar Singh 2’ are stating about Pawan himself getting involved into budgetary issues of project. With no major remuneration negotiations and having complete knowledge on self market span, ‘GS 2’ will be a trendsetting film on pawan kalyan Creative Works banner. Sampat Nandi will also be a relaxed director because Rs.50 to 60 Crores of profit can be safely assured if Pawan leads the team from front as a businessman. Wait and see; how this idea works.