Sarkar Shocker For Baahubali Ticket Mongers


While people flocked to theatres, especially multiplexes to watch Baahubali 2, they have received a double shock while standing in the queue for tickets. Despite entering its third week, Baahubali mania is still to get over people. And they are in a mad rush for the film.


Guess what, for those who missed the tickets of Baahubali 2 on this weekend, actually Multiplexes are selling out the tickets of other movies, of course only if the customer interest. But when the ticket booth operators revealed that “Sarkar 3” is actually running in their building, people are shocked and heaving an expression, “Oh!! Sarkar 3 has released??”.

Ineffective publicity campaign and lack of promotions through other means have completely caught people unaware of the film’s release in Hyderabad as well. Those who have read the reviews of the film in newspapers and on the internet are feeling like, ‘maybe the makers have held a premiere show much before release’. The fact is, the film has released and ticket mongers at theatres are shocked to find that out.

Ram Gopal Varma is the professor of ‘Heavy Promotions University’ and we wonder how he missed delivering an important lecture before sending audiences for the exam. Watching Varma’s films these days in theatres is a test for audiences, isn’t it?