Scams shiver to Congress

Ruling Congress Govts at Centre and State are spending sleepless nights with scams sending shivers in the spines of its stalwart leaders. Even though some time the Govt is colluding with opposition to get involved in scams, as soon as the scams are unearthed by various over enthusiastic media, the opposition leaders conveniently ditching them making them scapegoat. However Cong, since it is the ruling dispensation can not shy away from its responsibility and is now at its wits end as to how to wriggle out from the tricky situations.
Last two years witnessed 6 major scams, which include 2G spectrum scam, Adarsh scam, CWG scam, Coal scam and many more scams denting its credibility. Situation in state is no different with one minister sent packing to Chanchalguda jail while another waiting in queue. Another 4 ministers are under scanner and as it this was not important one minister’s election is under scanner. All this is turning into headache for the Govt and party with opposition baying for its blood.
With elections due in another one year’s time all these scams will be fresh in peoples memories who will cast their votes. Already peoples mood is reflected in pre poll surveys and though the party is putting brave front, there is nothing much to cheer for the party.