Scores shock Ileana

Gorgeous Goan babe Ileana who made men Devdas’ since her debut film ‘Devdas’, thought of casting her mesmerizing magic spell once again on her fans in Tollywood. However the scores she got in the process sent shocking shivers in the spine of Ileana. Ileana illuminated the silver screens with her sensuous appeal in ‘Pokiri’ and later in many of her other films. She not only made men run after her but even all the top Tollywood heroes desired to romance her atleast once in their life time. Such was her stunning spell that she attained stardom with in no time.
However her calculations on ‘Shakti’ backfired on her in the controversial statements and she needed the support of top director Shankar to make her presence felt in South once again. However her zero or minus sized shape shocked her fans and movie lovers and when they expected better glamor treat from her she disappointed them even in Stylish Star’s ‘Julaayi’ and Mass Raja’s ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’.
Though Julaayi turned out to be a hit, thanks to Allu Arjun, the zero and minus scores she received from film critics and her fans shocked her to the core. She even came to know about her fans’ comments that she looked like a patient and unless until she gets her act quickly, its ‘packup’ time for her.