Second Trailer Hits Straight On Heart

To experience some heart churning emotions, definitely one should go binge watching Sekhar Kammula’s films. Though this talented filmmaker is not hitting the bull’s eye in the recent times, somehow his “Fidaa” is looking quite promising.

Already a beautiful trailer of “Fidaa” has impressed everyone with Sekhar Kammula kind moment, Varun Tej’s cool looks and very talented Sai Pallavi’s impressive antics. No doubt, many fans of Varun Tej and Sekhar and the newest kid on block Sai Pallavi will rush to theatres. But there is a kind of feeling that the trailer is lacking something. To fill out that void, here is Fidaa yet again.

Like we see in the case of Hollywood films, Sekhar has now cut out another brilliant trailer for Fidaa, a second one, this time not even touching the dialogues and scenes from the first trailer apart from repeating few shots. This new trailer got some breath choking moment as both hero and heroine are seen parting ways from each other.

Especially the scene where Sai Pallavi comes out in a modern dress and an embarrassed Varun Tej saying that he can’t watch her in such outfits outlines the problem of a Telugu guy’s ego. And her reply highlights an independent Telugu girl’s self-esteem laced decisions. This second trailer is haunting for sure as it hits straight on the heart.