Secret behind Samantha’s silence

It could go down as one of the most unusual  relationship’s in T-town. Well, we’re talking about “Love birds” Siddharth and Samantha who are time and again maintaining as “Closest friends”. Even though Samantha elaborately shares her views on love, relationship, understanding one-another and on her Mr Right (as her interviews in English dailies), she turns tight-lipped when you insist on naming the person. So why she has to keep her love a secret?

May be she is worried that her ‘open declaration’ would affect her rocking career and top T-town stars like Mahesh, NTR, Ram Charan and Prabahs, will shy away from her and she’ll would be losing 10 to 15 crore (as her take home pay is Rs. 1.5 crore per film) in next three years. Except for her ‘professional hiccup’, the actress has no reason to keep her love life under wraps since both the families have reportedly approved their relationship and half-of-the industry knows whom she is spending more time after work.

We don’t known whether top producers who have given her ‘hefty pay cheques’ are restraining her from declaring her boyfriend, suspecting that it would affect their movies.  “Love or an affair will work wonders for a male star and actually bolster his ratings, but when it comes to an  actress, such revelations would cause more damage to on her on-screen lover girl image” adds the source. So and so much, that the actress has to hold her feelings back, even on a Valentine Day, where lovers are going over board in  celebrating and proposing love openly. May be, another ‘silent valentine’ for the pretty lass.