Secret behind TGV shootout !

Self proclaimed strong man of Rayalaseema and Minister TG.Venkatesh gave a shocking call to people a week back to shoot down IAS officials who refuse to get things done. Many wondered what could be the real reason behind his call as it was his government at center and state and he is the minister. Some feel that he might have been insulted by the Govt officials or some might have refused to curry favors with him. Whatever may be the reason his statements provoked entire IAS who demanded apology from him but he was unrelenting. Miffed by his behavior, they met CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and requested him to reign in his mister or sack him. However TG.Venkatesh stood by his statement and reiterated that he did not mean only babus but also leaders who don’t work for people.
When ordinary people or Anna Hazare or Ram Dev Baba gives similar calls to shoot babus who don’t address peoples issues and sack even the corrupt ministers, ruling UPA and Congress Party and its leaders will be up in arms against them. One wonder why TGV is giving such strong statements. Many feel that he is not satisfied with the portfolio and the ministry he is having at present and so issuing statements that put CM. Kiran and his party in trouble. TGV thinks that he is becoming hero in the eyes of people, but people have seen through his political intentions, as was seen in his recent flip flop on separate rayalaseema and royal telengana issue.