‘Secret’ deal struck to ensure smooth session

With numbers stacked up firmly in its favour, the Narendra Modi government on Wednesday agreed for the Opposition sponsored no-confidence motion and hopes to use the “opportunity” to “expose” the Oppositions’ unity and also propagate the government’s achievements, ahead of crucial Assembly polls.

The BJP, sources said, will field “good speakers” to counter Oppositions’ allegations against the government and the ruling party, before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reply.The government, sources said, will also “trash” its former ally TD’s allegations against it on the issue of a special package and unfulfilled promises on the Andhra Pradesh issue post-bifurcation.

However, the Congress will remain the “primary target’ of the BJP, which has been trying to corner the Modi government on various issues, sources disclosed.The BJP alone has 273 members in the Lower House whose current strength is at 535, making 268 as the majority mark.

With the government agreeing on the very first day of the monsoon session of Parliament for the non-trust motion, it led to speculation that a deal has been struck between the government and some key Opposition parties to allow the Parliament to function smoothly.