Secret of ‘Annamayya’ success

Tollywood has seen many devotional flicks in recent times. Many film makers tried their best to give genex movie lovers a grandiose treat of yesteryear devotional flicks but met with little success. Film makers even stopped making mythological and devotional films for the fear of getting compared with the earlier superhits. It is a known fact that none of the genex stars can enact even one percent of yesteryear stalwarts performances. When Nandamuri Balakrishna starred in ‘Sri Ramarajyam’ many movie lovers compared it with Tollywood’s greatest hit ‘Lava Kusa’ and gave it thumbs down. Though the film bagged awards at international film fests movie lovers after watching both ‘Lavakusa’ and ‘Sriramarajyam’ felt that ‘Lavakusa’ is incomparable.
Balakrishna earlier starred in ‘Pandurangadu’ and ‘Srikrishnarjuna Vijayam’. However both failed to attract the attention of movie lovers. Even when Nagarjuna starred in ‘Ramadasu’ it did not get the attention as much as ‘Annamayya’ which got stupendous response. This made many wonder what was wrong with all these flicks. There is nothing wrong in the flicks but all the flicks are remakes of earlier hits and invariable movie lovers were forced to analyse the stars performances with yesteryear greats thus affecting the end results of the films which was not the case with ‘Annamayya’.
Till Nag and Raghavendra Rao teamed together to come with ‘Annamayya’ none of the film makers thought of making a film on Annamayya and Nag in that way saved of getting compared with earlier stalwarts. So annmayya went on to become a sensational hit. Now even Nag’s Shirdi Sai is getting compared with Vijayachander’s Sai Baba Mahatyam and is effecting the end result.