Secret of Jagan’s Strength !

Many political parties tried to demolish and decimate son of former CM YS.Rajasekhara Reddy but Jagan to the surprise of all rose like a phoenix every time any party tried to crush him under its feet. Many are left to wonder as to what is the real secret behind Jagan’s enormous strength. Be it Congress High Command, CBI, ED, IT or State Govt, and other government departments individually or collectively failed to crush Jagan. Covert and Overt collusion with rival and opposition parties also did not pay any dividends.
But one close analysis, many feel that the more the opponents went after Jagan, the more stronger he emerged. First Congress tried to stop his ‘Odarpu Yatra’ but he emerged stronger on that front using emotions effectively. Similarly the party tried to pressurise him aleniating him dividing his friends, family, relatives and supporters. Again he emerged victorious. Slapped various cases, strangled him, put him in jail, made wild allegations while he was in jail so that he couldn’t reply, and in the entire bylections got him barred from campaigning. However all this steps backfired on the parties whch implemented them.
So the real strengh of Jagan is his weak points highlighted by his opponents like corruption charges, highly arrogant attitude and what not. However his rivals made his weak points as his strong points without realising their follies and inadvertently helped him win all battles, making hero out of ordinary MP. Now people across the country view him as the only politician with less than 5 yrs of experience who dared to take on the highly experienced and arrogant Congress high command and Sonia Gandhi.