Secret of Sharmila’s sudden disappearance

Anyone will try to make use of best talent available at their disposal to score success. Even after scoring success, they will hone the talent for future. However it seems the scenario is different in YSR party. YSR party scored a resounding victory in the last by elections when many felt that with its chief YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy’s untimely arrest making him unavailable for the entire electioneering phase may dent their vote bank. Though some say the sympathy factor worked in their favor, many felt that it was the whirlwind tour taken up by YS.Vijayamma and her daughter Sharmila titled the final outcome in their favor. Particularly YSR’s daughter Sharmila’s resemblance to YSR in style and mannerisms coupled with her electrifying speeches spellbound all. While many felt that She would turn out to be an asset for the party in future and YS.Jagan would be using her in party activities from then on, Sharmila disappeared as suddenly as she appeared much to the shock of all.
While many are left wondering what could have happened to her and the reason behind her sudden disappearance, analysts feel that YS.Jagan though he is in jail doesn’t like to have multiple power centers in his party. Already his mother Vijayamma is hogging the limelight and if YS.Jagan will be the primary power center and if Sharmila also enters another power center will be formed which results in formation of groups in the party. Fearing this Jagan warned Sharmila to stay put from politics, party activities. While this may give a message that Jagan is scared of Sharmila and her extempore oratory skills, others say even if YS.Jagan tries to use her as a secret weapon in times of need, the impact she created in people will not be there and she should once again start from scratch. They feel YS.Jagan should nurture Sharmila as another leader as she would be a great asset to the party as currently there are very few women politicians in the state of Andhra Pradesh.