Seenu Vaitla wants Slim NTR for Baadshaah !

It is often said that the Telugu cine circuit has only two heroes who have the stamina to get into the top league just with one hit even after scoring a dozen flops. One is power star Pawan Kalyan and the other is young tiger Junior NTR. And currently, it is heard that NTR is under a lot of pressure.
Well, this is not about the box office scores but something else. Apparently, Junior is currently preparing to take off with the new movie ‘Baadshah’ and it is heard that director Srinu Vaitla made it clear he wants a lean and mean physique from NTR for the role. The young tiger has agreed and the challenge has begun.
Junior had put on some good weight for his earlier venture ‘Dammu’ and bringing it down within a short span is the challenge. But still, Junior is confident that he would be able to pull it off and come up with a look of ‘Brindavanam’. As is scoring a hit was not enough, the demand for physique change is sure to apply pressure on this young tiger.