Senior Hero Crossed Line Again?

Star comedian and once celebrated hero, Rajendra Prasad is known for his ‘crossing line’ attitude. After a period of hibernation the ‘accusations’ are back on this talented actor.

Currently Rajendra Prasad is coming up with ‘Onamalu’ a typical kind of film with shades of ‘Aa Naluguru’. The film that deals with the ups-downs of middle class relationships has vanished heroine Kalyani in the lead role, as this comedian’s wife. Sources shared that the heroine used to feel uncomfortable while filming some warm scenes between the couple. Our hero, who is known for going overboard in kissing his co-stars over kissed Kalyani, the source revealed.

Earlier heroines like Malavika had complained about Rajendra Prasad who cannot resist kissing them though the script doesn’t demand. ‘Kalyani didn’t take it serious as her career is also running through a rough patch. A happening heroine wouldn’t have spared RP for his dookudu’, the source added. Rather acting in ‘Onamalu’, this hero is teaching ‘onamalu’ for aged heroines!