Senior Heroine’s Bold Statements Gets Backfired

Breaking the silence, a senior actress confronted the nasty rumours of being in an alleged relationship with a star director. Buzz has that she has plans to marry him after he gets officially divorced. And some went on saying that his kids are already calling this heroine as ‘aunty’. Adding fuel to the fire, the actress is handling the business of the director too.

In a recent interview, the actress revealed that she would be happy to stay single rather than getting married and made it clear that she is not a marriage material. Ever since the interview is out, film Nagar folks are saying that she wants to put an end to the rumours about her dating and hence this statement. However, we have to say that It seems her intention got backfired and again she became the hot topic in the industry.

“At a time when the rumours are at rage, these statements act as a paradox and people will believe only the opposite. It is better to avoid such topics” a noted film personality commented. Her bold statement is also giving rise to other unnecessary stuff including that of her old film-industry based boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the actress is said to be enjoying the attention the statement has brought her. Because she became news everywhere right now.