Sentiment Behind Pawan’s Short Speech!

A huge sigh of disappointment was notices across all Mega fans, when Powerstar finished his speech at ‘Gabbar Singh’ audio release in a couple of minutes. Some say there is a bit of ‘sentiment’ behind it. Check this out now!
Most of his recent movies have no presence of his legendary brother Megastar Chiru giving room to Pawan to take centrestage. This time, Chiru made all rumors blow up with his emotional, energetic and eccentric potshots at person trying to defame Mega family. Coming to the point, Pawan spoke volumes at ‘Puli’, ‘Teenmaar’ and ‘Panjaa’ audio functions. We know the fate of those movies. He has spoken a minute at ‘Jalsa’ audio function previously and this has now become a sentiment. If Pawan speaks less, his film will speak more and vice-versa.
However, Mega fans are not agreeing as they feel that a flop-movie from this hero will collect more than a hit film others. With trends favoring ‘mass masala’ stuff this season, let us hope PK will get the most deserving hit of his career. Let us see how he will utilize this ‘hit’ as a turning point to his career