‘Sentiment’al Hero Adds Glamor To Pantham!

Macho hero Gopichand is known to follow the ‘title’ sentiment, most of his films’ titles end with ‘am’. His new film, ‘Pantham’ is no different. The latest buzz in film circles is that besides continuing the ‘title’ sentiment, Gopichand is banking on ‘Hamsa’ sentiment too for his new film.

Gopichand hasn’t scored a hit since Loukyam, which released four years ago. After this super hit, he has delivered half a dozen disasters. Now, as he is shooting for ‘Pantham’, his prestigious 25th film, Gopichand desperately wants it to become a hit.

It is heard that Gopichand personally referred the name of ‘item song specialist’, Hamsa Nandini for ‘Pantham’. As the director was looking for an actress to play a key role in the film, Gopichand reportedly asked him to sign Hamsa, hoping she might carry in the luck of ‘Loukyam’ as she was part of that film too.

Talking about her role in ‘Pantham’, Hamsa said that she plays an opulent woman who has very high attitude.

Mehreen is the main female lead in ‘Pantham’, which is being planned to be released in May. Will these sentiments work for Gopichand and give him the much needed success?