This Is Serious Pawan Kalyan! You’ll End Up Like PRP

Sometimes many small decisions that don’t seem like a decision at all will fire big time. Similar things happened to Chiranjeevi when he kick-started his Prajarajyam Party and failed to check out what his teammates like Parakala Prabhakar and others are doing. Cut to present, it looks like Janasena Party is going through such a rubble now.

One of the hardcore fans of Pawan Kalyan, Kalyan Dileep Sunkara, has recently accused that Janasena is not treating him well and bid goodbye to them. He’s the one who appeared on many TV debates and held Janasena flag. He supported Pawan Kalyan and defended the actor’s decisions. All this he has done only to fall in the good books of Pawan such that he will get a pat on the shoulder by the powerful star. But Kalyan says a group of people around Pawan are misreading everything.

“I’ve nothing against Pawan Kalyan garu. I thought that he will come and appreciate me one day for my efforts as I’ve fought against the likes of Mahesh Kathi, TDP and YSRC when there are no official spokespersons for Janasena. But now, a PRO named Venu is calling TV channels informing that I’m not their official spokesperson. And when I went to party office, the likes of a Media Head, other leaders like Mahender Reddy and Shankar Goud made me wait at the gates for three hours. Later a security person told me that they are not letting me in for unknown reasons. But why do they want to do this to me? I stood for Janasena all these days, why don’t they recognise that? And where are these guys in defending Pawan and Janasena in media?”, said Kalyan Dileep Sunkara, in a highly emotional tone.

Some observers of this party say another coterie has formed around Pawan Kalyan, getting ready to play opportunistic politics. And if these people continue to malign the image of the party with their aristocratic and tyrannous behaviour, soon Janasena might end up like another Praja Rajyam Party. High time the most volatile leader who is known for his atomic burst like speeches should first think about his own cadres, workers and trusted soldiers.

NOTEPawan Kalyan should first identify some trusted lieutenants and allow them to speak. Otherwise, there is no difference between the so-called Congress party that will have only ‘adhishtanam’ speaking on everything. In the name of beating Congress, seems like Pawan has fallen in the groove.