Sex Racket: What Good Is This Organization?

The Movie Artistes Association (MAA) headed by Sivaji Raja has called for a meeting to discuss the Tollywood sex racket unearthed in the US. But apart from killing time, there seems to be no tangible benefit which accrues to anyone as a result of this meeting.MAA was a complete failure in handling the Sri Reddy issue. First, they banned Sri Reddy not even knowing the simple fact that it is illegal to ban any artiste.

Then, after Sri Reddy released photographs with Abhiram Daggubati, MAA made a U-turn and revoked her ban, possibly out of fear that she would expose more sordid details or pictures.Apart from appointing a few spokespersons following the ‘casting couch’ issue, no concrete action was taken.When election time arrives for MAA posts arrives, throwing all decorum to the winds, these artistes fight like cats and dogs. Therefore, what sensible action can be expected from such people on serious issues?

MAA is just a coterie controlled by various camps of Tollywood to exercise control over the funds of the organization and that’s why the elections are fought like a general election.When actresses were being harassed in the US by Chennupati, the fact that not a single one of them complained to MAA shows the trust they have in MAA and the credibility of this body.

Was MAA really unaware that these kinds of activities were going in the US?