Sex scandal: Star couple in hidden mode?

The sex scandal that shook Tollywood as well as few bigwigs from political field has been worrying few well known celebs of Telugu cinema. Tara Chowdary, who is currently in police custody, has revealed many shocking truths about few of her close associates in film industry. As per the news reports, Tara has alleged that a star couple that dragged her into this business.
She revealed many things about the couple which left the police department in deep shock. Tara’s arrest has alerted the star couple as they have expected her to bring their topic in the police investigation. Therefore they have gone into hidden mode and are not being reachable to anyone as per the grapevine.
The couple is known for making nonsense about everything and throwing mud on famous film celebs. They have been dragged to court by a top hero for making false allegations against him. But with Tara’s incident they are not even attending the calls from media people, says the gossip winery. Tara has many evidences against this couple is what news reports say. We will have to wait and see if this issue gets solved through external pressures or not!