Sexananda’s Spiritual Battle !

Nityananda who till recently earned reputation of a renowned religious preacher across the world with tremendous following and innumerous devotees, became notorious when his dark secrets were revealed. When his videos with intimate scenes featuring kollywood heroine Ranjitha was aired he tried to bluff that the person present in the video was not he and some one else acting. He along with Ranjitha crooned the same song and when it was found that the video was not tampered and with some from his ashram vouching that Nityananda has many dark secrets, he at once became popular as Sexananda.
Film makers smitten by the incidents announced some films on his story and one such film is ‘Swami Satyananda’. Nityananda filed a petition in high court to stall the release of the kannda dubbed film would hurt the sentiments of his devotees. He sought court direction to Censor Board to stop the release of the film. The film features comedian Ali who became famous for his dialogue ‘Whop is the katravalli’. Many wonder how could Nityananda who many times defied the directions of Courts and its orders can file petition against the release of the film. Nityananda, who became the head of Madurai Mutt,was caught along with his girl friend and heroine Ranjitha, while trying to escape to Nepal to evade court inquiry on various sex allegations.