Sexiness Spoiling Bhumika’s Character?

ragini Dwivedi

Remaking a film needs two things. First the characters should be understood, then the intensity. Among the acclaimed films that have come from Neelakanta’s stable, Missamma, where gorgeous Bhumika has played central role, is the most hailed movie.

But its Kannada remake, Namaste Madaam featuring Ragini Dwivedi in the Kushi heroine’s shoes, seems like oceans apart from the original. Unlike the original where Bhumika’s eternal beauty as used only as a foundation but emphasis was laid on her attitude and arrogance, here in Kannada remake they adhered to over the top skin show. Raagini Dwivedi’s sweltering cleavage show and oozing of hot sex appeal in every costume is spoiling the very essence of Missamma.

This overt glamour might invite huge crowds to theatres, but when compared with the Telugu masterpiece then the sexiness is surely taking toll on Bhumika’s character. A look at posters and stills of Namaste Madam proves the point we are trying to make.