Sexy Actresses Visa Got Rejected!

After sex racket involving South Film industry’s heroines busted, many actresses are blacklisted by American Embassies. According to reports, the US authorities got clear instructions not to issue Visa’s to the Telugu actresses if they intend to attend any Telugu cultural events.

Recently, an actresses visa was rejected. She is regular visitor to USA but this time her Visa has not been renewed. They didn’t give any reason.But it is understood that they suspected her activities. She plays mother and sister-in-law roles whose name regularly rings in such activities.

This actress who gets normal remuneration for mother roles leads most luxurious life and has many villas in Hyderabad and zooms in luxury cars. It would be now tough for many such actresses to get Visa for US events. Buzz is that embassies have already got full details of the actresses who indulged in flesh trade in USA in the guise of attending a cultural event.