Sexy clash between NTR’s senior and junior heroines

Whenever there are two heroines working for a film, there is a constant tension among the unit members. Most of the times, the two starlets end up having a cold war or a cat war and many keep getting squeezed in between. But now, another clash is reportedly emerging between two heroines of a film.
We are talking about the film ‘Dammu’ and the ladies in focus are the petite beauty Trisha and the fresh face Karthika. Reports are coming out that both of them have gone beyond the mile and have given full-on exposure in the film. Be it songs, romance scenes, both have reportedly given an overdose of visual feast.
While some say it was more like a competition between both as to who is the sexiest, few others said it had nothing to do with each other but more about their survival and presence. Whatever it is, if this talk is true then it is sure that the Telugu audience would be in for some major glamour treat with ‘Dammu’. Let us see what happens.