Sexy Fights Or Fighting Sexy?

A fight is always a bad thing to happen and it ends up leaving you either with bruises or broken parts with blood. But there is one fight which is always arousing and that is called a sexy fight. Wondering what this format is? Well, it is when a sex bomb ends up doing fights onscreen. 
Something like that is about to happen in the new movie ‘Malini & Co’ and due courtesy goes to its leading lady Poonam Pandey. This girl shot to fame through her semi nude feasts on Twitter and now she has revealed something interesting through her new tweet which goes like this – ‘Wow Practicing Fight Scenes…. Its Gonna be a Big Action Mode Tonite 🙂 
 Reports reveal Poonam is indulging in some fights for the film but what is eating all with curiosity is, will they be sexy fights or will she be fighting sexy. Whatever it may be, when Poonam is around, the temperatures and atmosphere will definitely be sensuous and erotic, it can’t get better than that.