Sexy Heroine charges only 30 Lacs for 2 Days !

Many times, there are those who wonder why there is a craze for getting into the entertainment industry despite the cut-throat competition. Well, those who enter it come with a belief that all it takes is one break that can make them a celebrity overnight and most importantly, flood them with money.
Perhaps this should give you a better idea. The sensuous Brahmin beauty Vidya Balan has reportedly been roped in for a brand endorsement. This is for an apparel brand in Kerala. It is heard that Vidya took part in the shooting for just two days and she has been paid a whopping Rs 30 lakhs for that.
Ironically, the market value experts say that given the demand that Vidya has, thirty lakhs is actually peanuts and she can get atleast five times more than that. Maybe because she has her roots in Kerala or some other obligation Vidya has done it. But how long would it take for you to earn Rs 30 lakhs folks?