Sexy Heroine squeezed and bruised by mob!

The frenzy for heroines among the masses is quite common in India. Unfortunately, it becomes a madness at one stage. And that’s why there are many times the beautiful girls are surrounded by bouncers when they come for public events. However, it appears that one heroine failed to get lucky and bore the brunt of the mob hysteria.
She is none other than the apple pie beauty Hansika Motwani. It is heard that Hansika had been to Coimbatore to be part of an event. The news spread like wildfire and within few minutes, thousands gathered in huge numbers. The organizers were reportedly not prepared for this and paid the price.
It is heard that Hansika had a tough time reaching her car when the situation went out of control. The police had to arrive and intervene but before that, buzz is that Hansika got squeezed by the mobs and had few bruises. She will soon be seen in some promising projects at Kollywood. Get well soon Hansika!!