Shakalaka Shankar Gets Big Shock !

Telugu audiences are merciless. They are shutting doors on the aspirations of comedians to play lead roles.After accepting Sunil as lead hero in many films, they have started rejecting his over-the-top masala movies. They gave clear cut verdict: we want only comedy, not heroic feats from him.

After futile attempt to salvage his career with some mindless comedies, he has realized that is better to move on to comedian roles. He is now busy as comedian with several films under his belt.Sapathagiri also got the similar judgment from the audiences. His attempts to play lead roles were rejected out rightly. This poor chap has also lost comedy characters.

Prudhvi’s efforts were nipped in the bud. Srinivasa Reddy’s heroic feat in comedy-less movie ‘Jamba Lakidi Pamba’ saw similar fate.Shakalaka Shankar has now joined the long list of comedians who failed as “lead heroes”.

Shakalaka Shankar didn’t even reach to the level of a Saptagiri or a Prudhvi as comedian but he carried away with the thought he could taste the success as he’s replicating Pawan Kalyan’s style.

He is die-hard fan of Jana Sena leader. But even Pawan’s fans too didn’t care to check out Shakalaka’s movie “Shambo Shankara”.

He tried to glorify Jana Sena party and Pawan Kalyan’s ideology in the film. However, audiences have rejected him as hero despite the fact that his film received better openings last weekend among all the new releases.

It is high time that comedians stick to what they are good at: comedy. Or play lead roles in stories that are completely out and comedy entertainers, not regular masala movies.