Sharmila Disappeared after By-Polls ?

The front face and winning horse of YSR Congress in the recent by-polls is missing from the party to celebrate victory. Even at the day to day affairs of the party, the young dynamite of Jagan’s party is not heard.
Undoubtedly, YSR’s daughter Sharmila’s emotional speeches are one of the driving factors behind YSR Congress’ win in the recent by-polls. All the media got shocked with Sharmila’s mannerisms that depict late CM and maha neta YSR in all angles. They went extra mile in giving special coverage about her. She too wooed the voters with special words like ‘Rajanna Rajyam’ and ‘Jagananna as CM’. However, all these ramblings came to a total halt after the by-poll hungama finished.
Sharmila is not seen both during the swearing ceremony of YSR-Congress MLAs or during the visit of Vijayamma to Konda Surekha’s house. Not only party cadres, Jagan party’s admirers and other political parties in the state are also shocked with her absence. She is heard not focusing on the day to day activities of party after the success in by-polls.
Sources say that Sharmila wants to contest in 2014 elections from a Kadapa segment. Then she should change strategies which otherwise she too will be treated like our present politicians. If she continues like Priyanka Gandhi, who turns up only during campaigns, there is a chance of losing all the charisma that is earned now!