Sharmila turns Star Campaigner for YSRC

Sharmila gives the credit of her new found star status in the political arena to the powerful Media. It’s this Fourth-Estate which made a normal housewife to one of the most popular politicians in the state within few days.
Sharmila says she would continue to work for the YSR Congress party, as the media has made her a star campaigner. Apart from covering all of her public meeting and roadshows, the media highlighted every action of Sharmila.
Political observers say, the people gave a rousing reception to YSR’s daughter wherever she had gone and she also got a terrific response from public in the form of whistles and claps for her speeches. Sympathy wave for Jagan and Sharmila’s First-time campaign factor has done wonders for YSR Congress. She may get the same reception everytime if she gets well along with public. Sharmila’s hard work matters along with time factor. Only time will decide, if she is a rising star or not!