She is Hotter than all Superstars!


Even Star studded films are failing to get good satellite rights price in the recent past. Recently applied restrictions over the ad footage in between a feature film have considerably brought down the satellite rights price of Telugu films. Forget about small budget films to get handsome rates when star studded films have been struggling.

Low budget movies get good satellite rights deal only if they do well at the ticket windows and get good reviews from critics. But here is a small film that has fetched 2 crore satellite deal prior to its release. Lakshmi Rave Maa intiki starring Avika Gor is being made on a budget of 2.5 crore rupees. This film has already recovered 2 crores through satellite rights. Why did that channel shell out such a big amount on a small film? When we dig in to the details about the deal, we have found out that Avika Gor is the reason for this sensation.

Avika Gor, who was a superstar in Television field with Chinnari Pellikooturu has made a sensational debut on silver screen with Uyyala Jampala. This film has been getting very good TRPs every time it was aired on TV and they have found out that Avika is the main reason for this achievement. So after so many channels competing for the rights, a big channel has sealed the deal for 2 crore. Avika reportedly bagged 60 lakh rupees to act in this film. Producers are happy to pay her hefty amount as she can get back all their investment through satellite rights itself. Way to go Avika!