Shivani Rajasekhar: Example Of Real Problem

Some may find this talk absurd as they think that even without encouraging a newcomer Telugu girl, people are making an unwanted fuss. But frankly speaking, one has to address a problem with solution-based architecture and this is what we have to say.

Today at the launch of Adivi Sesh and Shivani Rajasekhar’s “2 States” movie, many are excited to see that after a long time a Telugu girl, that too a star kid, is making her debut as heroine. Unlike all other beauties from various big families, Shivani made the film fraternity by choosing to become a ‘glamorous’ heroine.

But the talk at the venue is, a couple of months back during Garudavega promotions, Shivani looked slim and sleek. But now she has put up weight and her growing cheeks are a testimony to that. While some feel that this is body shamming and what’s in a physique, like all other industry that demand certain parameters from the wannabe employees, film industry demands good looks and adorable physique from actors.

And the major problem with Telugu heroines is, they grow out of shape in just two years span and lose all the good opportunities. But the likes of Samantha and Taapsee stand against time, spends hours in the gym and gets their curves right, to look hot as hell. This is a real problem Telugu girls should think about.