Shocking details about MLA’s Murder

The brutal killings of Araku MLA Kidari Sarveswara Rao and ex MLA Siveri Soma by Maoists has shocked one and all. However, the police investigation is bringing out more shocking details. Allegedly, a TDP local leader and MPTC has played crucial role behind the killings of MLA and ex MLA. According to police, prima facie seem that the local TDP leader had helped the Maoists in executing their plan. Maoists reportedly used the local leader as pawn in their game.

Police investigation revealed that the local TDP MPTC had given shelter to Maoists for thrice in the operation. Maoists had reportedly held secret meetings with the TDP MPTC and explained him their plan much in advance. Also, later the MPTC said to had arranged meeting between some TDP local workers and Maoists on 5th September regarding the MLA’s murder. Based upon the plan and the information from the MPTC about the whereabouts and the work schedule of MLA Kidari and ex MLA Siveri Soma, Maoists said to have executed their plan.

According to cops, the MPTC had earlier invited Kidari Sarweswara Rao for Grama Darshini program at his village on 19th September itself at the behest of Moaists. However, in the last minute, the MLA informed he couldn’t come as his wife is ill. He had later promised the MPTC to come on 23rd September. And the MPTC had informed this to the Maoists who conducted recce two days prior to the murder.

On the fateful day, Maoists have spotted MLA’s vehicles and stopped them. At the gun point, they asked the MLA and the ex MLA to come out of cars for a discussion. They had killed the ex MLA Siveri Soma first. Despite repeated requests by MLA Kidari Sarveswara Rao, Maoists didn’t pay his heed and shot him dead.

Meanwhile, another group of Maoists had blocked the way of the commoners during the incident. They made sure, no one would take this way by stopping the commoners in much advance. On the whole, it was a master plan by Aruna Group of Maoists to kill Kidari and Siveri. Police said to have found strong evidences against a TDP MPTC and likely to take him to custody to get more details.

Attack on Police

What is quite shocking is that a local weed smuggler had provoked the locals to attack cops over the murder of MLA and ex MLA. The smuggler had provoked locals that cops failed to protect our leader Kidari Sarveswara Rao. Locals who got carried away have attacked the police station and damaged it. The angry locals had beaten police constables and other police personnel on the fateful day.

Police who took the suspected locals into custody learnt shocking facts that the smuggler was behind the attack. Apparently, the smuggler is angry on local police that they are repeatedly lodging cases against him over the smuggling. Police are also going to arrest the smuggler for provoking violence and disrupting peace, harmony in the aftermath of MLA and ex MLA’s murder.