Short tempered director’s sexy heroines

On an average, it is noticed that the directors in film industry tend to have one or the other crazy streak in them. While some are spontaneous, others are silent, few others are on their toes and then there are those who are absolutely short tempered. And Tollywood has one director known for his short fuse.
He is none other than the dynamic director Teja. Though he has been off the hook from the past four years, he now arrived with the film ‘Neeku Naaku Dash Dash’. The talk in filmnagar has been about Teja and his eye for heroines. Right from his debut flick, Teja has been responsible for giving some really sexy starlets.
Notable among them are Reema Sen, Sada, Rakshita and the latest find in his kitty is Nandita. Many say that the common factor between these heroines is all of them have a domestic sex appeal which gives an extra kick. They are not glamorous but possess a natural oomph which is hard to resist. Credit for finding them goes to Teja.