A Shot In The Arm For The BJP

The no-confidence motion may have ended up as a win-win situation for both the BJP and the TDP.While TDP utilized the occasion to brag to the people of Andhra Pradesh how it fought the Centre in Parliament and thereby try to come back to power, the BJP also, having given up on Andhra Pradesh, utilized the opportunity to prove its strength to the nation b sailing through the no-confidence motion with a comfortable margin of 325-126.

The easy nature of the victory couldn’t have come at a better time for the saffron party which is now confident enough to talk tough again to its allies.The Shiva Sena had promised the BJP that it would vote in their favour during the no-confidence motion but abstained from voting on the crucial day.

Also, the Party’s mouthpiece Saamna carried a front page picture of Rahul Gandhi hugging Modi in Parliament and said he stole the show.It also accused the BJP of protecting animals and killing humans. Amit Shah who was irritated by the Shiva Sena has had enough and is not willing to put up with the Thackeray tantrums anymore.He has reportedly instructed his cadre to prepare to fight the 2019 polls in Maharashtra alone. The BJP’s confidence is truly remarkable.

Even after TDP quit the NDA, the Party did not hesitate to call off the alliance with the PDP in Kashmir and now, it is indicating that it is willing to take on the Shiva Sena as well. A confident Party indeed!