Should Cherry stop spoiling them?

Ram Charan might be feeling the tremendous pressure of reaching the expectations of millions of fans. Filling Chiranjeevi’s boots is not an easy task for anyone. Hence, the young actor is trying his best to make people see his father in him. One of Charan’s tactics to use Chiranjeevi’s name is by remixing popular songs of his megastar father.
Ram Charan has been asking his directors to use Chiranjeevi’s songs in his movies. In Magadheera, Bangaru Kodipetta was remixed and now Vana Vana Velluvaye has been remixed for Racha. Frankly speaking both the remixes didn’t work at all. Keeravani failed to revisit his old tune and Manisharma made a mess out of Bappilahari’s rocking tune.
The beauty of the original songs was spoilt in both the remixes. It is high time for Charan to stop using his father’s songs as the music directors are unable to justice to those. Utmost care should be taken for such attempts and Cherry should be ready to scrap the idea if the output isn’t satisfactory. Why because a failed attempt to remix a popular song will get instant negative feedback from all the corners.