Should dubbing films be Banned ?

Some time back Tollywood film makers were up in their arms asking for ban on dubbing films. This was because with the exception of last year, the film industy has witnessed numerous dubbing films performing well at the box office and minting money more than that of straight films of top films. This dubbing attack was so awesome and fearful that even top heroes delayed release of their films when films like Sharukh Khan’s ‘Ra.One’ or Rajanikanth’s ‘Robot’ were released,. tollywood film makers ran away scared, stopping their release.
Deprived of their share of profits, film makers raised their voice against dubbing films. However they were met with severe opposition from dubbing film makers as any ban on these films will strike at the roots of their livelihood. One wonder why film makers started clamoring for ban on dubbing films. Some say as our film makers are coming with routine mass masala entertainers and dubbing films come with novel and creative ideas they are unable to compete with them.
Tollywood movie lovers who are getting bored with monotonous entertainers started craving for something new which dubbing films in form of ‘Gajini’, ‘Aparaichitudu’, ‘Robot’, ‘Rangam’, ‘Journey’ and many others offered. Movie lovers say they appreciate any film which has good stuff irrespective of language and instead of working on their creative intelligence and come up with some novel story lines, demanding ban on dubbing films will not bring in profits for tollywood film makers.