Shriya Doesn’t Want Bitchy Roles!?

The grapevine is strong that sexy siren Shriya is not interested to do some ‘bitchy’ roles though her career is nearing an end. Here goes the story!
Apparently, Shriya has exited from Manoj’s Mr.Nokia after doing shoot for a couple of days long back. Now that the movie has released one can clear expect the role she is favored for. Many are saying that Shriya was offered the role of ‘Sana Khan’, the modern girl who goes on changing boyfriends for the sake of money. The cattish role has not excited our sexy-waist beauty and hence she opted it out then.
However, Shriya hasn’t showed much interest in the other meaty role played by Kriti Kharbanda too, which would have given her lots of scope for performance. ‘If she is ready to shed clothes like a C-grade actress for item songs, why not she is ready for these roles’, an insider quipped. On the other hand, people are saying that it is the remuneration problem that made our sex-bomb to show gates as she demanded a simple 20 lakhs extra for hot hugging scenes. Whatever it may be, air is clear that Shriya doesn’t want bitchy roles!