Shriya & Ileana should learn from her!!

There are many heroines in the cinema industry who are filled with glamour and oomph factor. But there are very few heroines who are a perfect blend of natural beauty and sex appeal. Tollywood has been lucky to have two such beauties. They are the duo of the sizzling Shriya and the sexy hip beauty Ileana.
However, both the starlets have been fading in their graphs. This is mainly due to their looks. Despite having a very sexy body, the faces of Shriya and Ileana look very starved removing all the charm. The cine folks and many of their admirers are now advising the duo to follow one person.
She is the dusky Bengali bombshell Bipasha Basu. Despite going through rigorous workouts and maintaining a well toned body, Bipasha has ensured that she maintains that chubby look on her face with good cheeks. So, Shriya and Ileana are being advised to contact Bipasha to get that fitness secret. If the duo can get back that fresh look on their face, there will be no stopping them.