Shriya’s Husband Gives A Lovely Promise

While some heroines like Shilpa Shetty continued to flaunt their hotness even after marriage, some hotties like Sridevi, Juhi Chawla, Bhanu Priya and Rambha have shut the shop post marriage. There is neither glamorous appearance from them, nor they acted in any film for a while.

Thinking about this, many wonder if the likes of modern beauties including Anushka, Nayantara, Kajal, Shriya, Tamanna and Samantha will act post marriage. While Samantha gave a huge clarity already with almost half-a-dozen movies of her set for release this year, here comes clarity from a newly married heroine’s husband now.

Despite touching 35 years of age, heroine Shriya never shied away from shining in item numbers and mature roles alike. Now that she got married to Russian sportsman and entrepreneur Andrei Koscheev, many wonder what will she do with her career.

During the wedding vows she has taken other day, her husband Andrei announced in a mic, “If you love someone, you should not ask them to change. If you change them, then its not true love. I’ll be your true lover all the time” he said. Grabbing the mic, Shriya added, “That means you would accept me to do all my madness?”. He said “yes” and they hugged, before going for a lip-lock in front of all the family and friends. What a lovely promise was given by Andrei!!

Is that not an indication that Shriya will continue to tease South audiences with her spicy acts forever? Probably she will like many of those Hollywood heroines who still do lip locks and glamorous scenes despite getting married and having kids.